VI. CSIT World Sports Games 2019


The City of Tortosa in the Spanish region Catalonia is host of the CSIT World Sports Games, July 2nd - 7th, 2019!

If you have any questions about the Tortosa CSIT World Sports Games (WSG 2019), General Manager Roger Pedret and Chief Coordinator Joan Güell are looking forward to introduce this beautiful region and to support you in all your questions anytime.





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office: +34 687621373
mobile: +34 647891992 (CEO Pedret) and +34 627 404 355 (Coordinator Güell)
email: roger.pedret@tortosa.cat  and  jguell@ucec.cat  

INVITATION and further important documents!

This major event edition will be organized by CSIT member union UCEC – Unió de Consells Esportius de Catalunya. This six-day event will take place in the summer period between July 2nd and 7th, 2019.

The 16th Century City Tortosa is located in South Catalonia and is the capital of the region of Terres de l’Ebre. Population of Catalonia with its capital Barcelona is more than 7.5 million, Terres de l’Ebre has around 200 thousand people, Tortosa about 35.000 inhabitants. Four airports with more than 90 destinations connect Catalonia with Europe, America, Middle East and Asia. Tortosa is also connected to the Railroad Network with the Spanish High-Speed train (AVE) to the rest of Spain, Marseille, Paris, Lyon and Toulouse.

Sports Region Catalonia
The Spanish region Catalonia around Barcelona with the Olympic Games 1992 is internationally well known and recognized as Sports region; just to name some of the biggest festivals in the last decade:
2003 X Police and Fireman World Games,?2007 Baseball European Cup, 2007 Table Tennis World Cup, 2008 1st Edition Barcelona Extreme Sports festival, 2009 Track-Cycling World Cup, 2010 Athletics European Championship, 2011 Snowboard World Championship, 2011 Final Four Basket Euroleague, 2012 Padel Pairs World Championship, 2013 Swimming World Championship, 2013 Handball World Championship, 2013 X Games, 2014 Water polo European Supercup for women and men, 2016 Special Olympics Games – Reus.