V. CSIT World Sports Games 2017

The 5th CSIT World Sports Games has been held from June 13th - 18th, 2017 in Riga! Get an impression the major sports event in the Latvian capital:


Video CSIT World Sports Games 2017 - Riga

Paldies Rīgu par brīnišķīgo laiku! Thank You Riga for a wonderful time!

“We are happy to have the CSIT-Games in Riga”

MP Janis Upenieks was the youngest member of the Latvian Parliament but very focussed and with only 28 years of age already headed of the committee for sports. She was responsible for sports movement in Latvia and chairman of the sports commission. “We are happy to have the CSIT Games here in Riga. Many of my friends congratulated me for this event and we are proud that we got the possibility to organize such a big event like World Sports Games. It is a privilege to have so many enthusiastic people in our country.” At this time, Riga was spending one to two million Euros per year for sport events, said Janis Upenieks in a meeting with CSIT President Bruno Molea, but every Euro is worth it. “CSIT gives much back to our City and I do hope, that some of the participants will come back some day - maybe as tourists.”

Green Card: We Play Fair

Current CSIT President Bruno Molea and former CSIT President Harald Bauer confirmed their commitment for the Green Card as an important item of the CSIT Family on Friday. The Green Card is shown to athletes during competition as a reward for acts of fair play behaviour. “Fair Play is our main value and the Green Card will also lead to more fair play in life style”, Bauer stated on this important sign and opportunity for all athletes. The Green Card has been implemented in close cooperation with EFPM (European Fair Play Movement). Its characteristics are: fair competitions, respect, friendship, team spirit, equal opportunities and fair access, respect for written and unwritten rules such as integrity, solidarity, tolerance, care, excellence and joy.
Personally handed over from EFPM board members Katarína Raczova and Baiba Veisa, Varda Mirkin from the Israelian Mamanet team Galili received one of the three Fair Play Awards at the 5th World Sports Games 2017 in Riga. The referee called a ball “out” – Varda called it “in” to her own team’s disadvantage. The second award was given to the Austrian judoka Andreas Mruk, who helped an injured opponent by carrying him out of the gymnasium to let him have professional medical care. The third award was given to the Brazilian table tennis team acceptance of the referees’ verdicts and treating referees with respect. CSIT has implemented the Green Card for special merits in the field of Fair Play. Referees can show this card to athletes who deserve it in their opinion.

Health Workers with Golden Hands

The cooperation of CSIT and FICS (Fédération Internationale de Chiropratique du Sport/International Federation of Sports Chiropractic) is working great again after the premiere in 2015. 19 chiropracticans from all over Europe are a very important part of the 5th CSIT World Sports Games 2017 in Riga. “Our main work this year has to do with shoulder problems”, says Henrik Hojgaard. The man from Denmark, living in Sweden, worked together with Rainer Wieser from Germany in the Aquatic Center in Kipsala. “But we will change with colleagues who now work at other venues, because it is too humid for us around the swimming pool for four days in a row.” The health workers with their golden hands come from England, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, France and Italy this time. 

Mamanet, Partner of CSIT: Mothers Enrich the World of Sports

30 Mamanet teams were participating in the 5th CSIT World Sports Games 2017 in Riga: One each from Latvia, Mexico, Austria, two from Italy and 25 (!) from Israel. But Mamanet is not just a sports discipline based on volleyball rules with slight modifications. It is a mission: “Mothers have become role models for sports and healthy life style”, says Karin Eines, member of the Mamanet Board and in charge of International Relations.

The system of Mamanet has been invented in Israel and works as a non-profit organization. It is supported by the Ministry of Science and Hapoel, Israel’s strongest sports organization. Currently Mamanet is played by 16.000 women in Israel. The huge movement has already attracted well known institutions like the University of Columbia in New York where intensive research studies on Mamanet have been launched. In the beginning this incredibly successful Israelian start-up had been phenomenon. But very soon it became evident that Mamanet is a big development step in the fields of social security and health.

By now the Mamanet system has already started to succeed in many other countries. For instance: A delegation of 70 people from Denmark will take part in a work shop during the CSIT World Sports Games in Riga on Friday. “Mamanet Gold” will be the main topic of this specific seminar: A revolutionary team sports discipline for elderly people with an enormous potential as health support; also for the rehabilitation centres of the future. In addition Mamanet has developed a special program for people with cognitive disabilities.

CSIT Cares for People with Special Needs

“We need the opportunity to do sports in the same courts at the same time as the regular athletes”, sayed Anita Pariani. She was representing the FSSP (Federatione Svizzera Sport Paralimpici) and FISDIR (Federazione Italia Sport Paralimpici degli Intellettivo Relanzionale) at the 5th CSIT World Sports Games 2017 in the Latvian capital. “People with all kinds of disabilities want to feel that they are part of the community.” CSIT President Bruno Molea has already put a strong sign to make this integration a future goal for CSIT. Talks with FSSP President Marco Tomasini and FISDIR President Marco Borcacini would be a first step to develop a programme for people with special needs at CSIT events. The Mamanet Movement as official part of WSG has already set an example for integration and inclusion in Riga.