IV. CSIT World Sports Games in Lignano 2015

These were the CSIT World Sports Games in Lignano 2015:

Lignano 2015 - The biggest CSIT World Sports Games ever

CSIT held spectacular World Sports Games (WSG) in Lignano in June 2015. The best Games so far with most participants and unions as well as nations involved. A new quality for all participants grew due to an excellent collaboration between CSIT, the organizing union AICS and several cooperation partners. Lignano put the CSIT World Sports Games to the next level and everybody is already looking forward to the 5th CSIT WSG to be held in RIGA - Latvia from June 11th-18th, 2017.

Perfect Organisation in an Ideal Location

A perfect surrounding plays an important role in creating a perfect atmosphere for games of this size. AICS, the most powerful Italian CSIT member organisation and organiser of the 4th CSIT World Sports Games recognized this fact and did a perfect job: Lignano, an ideal location for sport festivals. 

Nearly all venues were within walking distances. Many athletes, fans, referees and coaches had also discovered the perfect bike path system of the city. Medical care, accommodation and gastronomy left nearly no wish unfulfilled. And the events in many different disciplines were very well organized as well. "This event was a treasure for us. I am sure it will boost our tourism", said Debora Serracchiani, President of the region Friuli Giulia Venezia.

Biggest Games ever

4000 athletes and 1000 coaches and accompanying persons turned Lignano Sabbiadoro during the 4th CSIT World Sports Games into a pulsating sports city. It was an atmosphere of friendship, peace and brotherhood. The delegations from 33 different countries came from all over the world: From Argentina to Cameroon, from Finland to the USA or from Iran to Mexico.

49 Sports Unions were participating in Lignano in 14 official championships and 19 demonstrative sports plus 18 activities for the +55 generation. Six days full of sports on the northern Adriatic coast. Results of all competitions can be found here: http://www.wsg2015.com/?page_id=2133

Find all useful information about the WSG 2015 on the CSIT Webpage: Picture Gallery 4th CSIT World Sports Games 2015 - Lignano!

From live-flash videos produced by FastCast, to daily video-summaries, facts and figures and special stories about special people! The FastCast reporter provided video coverage and produced about ten action clips from each competition day in Lignano, all to be seen on our YouTube Channel CSITmedia.

Peace, Tolerance and Fair Play

CSIT President Harald Bauer pointed out the peacful mission of the Amateur sports movement at the closing ceremony: "Our CSIT World Sports Games are not for competition only, but also for peace, tolerance and most of all fair play in sports and in daily life. Sport is the best method of connecting people of different countries, attitudes and religions. We spread our mission despite of conflicts and refugee problems around us."

Green Card - Full Success - Positive Motivation for Fair Play

In a cooperation of CSIT and the European Fair Play Movement, the Green Card has been tested at the 4th CSIT World Sports Games 2015 in Lignano Sabbiadoro for the first time. And it was a great success, too: "At the next CSIT Games in Riga 2017 the Green Card will be visualized", says Henk Bouchoms, CSIT sports director. "The criteria for receiving a green card are: Exceptional sportsmanlike behaviour and outstanding respect of the rules."

Everybody knows Yellow Cards and Red Cards in sports, shown to athletes for breaking the rules in whatever way. This is important and unfortunately necessary. But those negative reactions do not affect fair play by positive motivation. The Green Card supports fair play by positive motivation.

In Lignano the Green Card was not visually shown to the athletes yet, but the jury consisting of members of CSIT and the European Fair Play Movement already presented the over all fair play awards. These were handed over to a single athlete and to a team right after the games during the Closing Ceremony. The awardees in Lignano were Rooho Mohammadi Mirzaei, a male track athlete from Iran and the ASKOE men's team "Volleyball I" from Austria.

Destiny to come together - Contract with Panathlon International

It is not just a signature, it is a strong sign: A historical partnership contract between CSIT and Panathlon International has been signed on the day of the opening ceremony of the 4th CSIT World Sports Games in Lignano Sabbiadoro.

The two presidents Harald Bauer (CSIT) and Giacomo Santini (Panathlon) supported this contract of collaboration with strong words: "Sports is our lives. But above all sports there are values. Panathlon and CSIT share the same values. Together we will raise a strong voice against doping, match fixing, violence and racism", said Harald Bauer.

"There are a lot of messages both of our movements can spread", stated Giacomo Santini. "Our values are perfectly matching. More than that: It is the destiny of our two organisations to come together. Not only, because of comparable targets, not just because of ethic similarities, but also because we can learn a lot from each other."

Perfect "Body Service" by 39 Chiropractors

FICS President Sheila Wilson from Indianapolis is the head of the Federation Internationale de Chiropratique du Sport. 26 professional chiropractors and 13 trainees from eight different countries - even from Australia - were working at the CSIT World Sports Games for the wellbeing of all participants. Lignano 2015 was their first job in collaboration with CSIT.

"It is significant for sports chiropractors, that we can deal with every part of the body, not only with the neck and the spinal column", said Sheila Wilson at the Sabbiadoro beach venue. The chiropractic team brought half a ton of equipment to Lignano. Athletes, coaches, referees, officials and fans were offered a perfect "body service" in almost every venue of the Lignano Games.

Mamanet is Changing Our Society

CSIT and AICS offered many demonstrative sports during the CSIT World Sports Games in Lignano. Mamanet, coming from Israel, was one of them. Mamanet is not just a game; it has the potential to change sports society for better. "The success we have in Israel", says Yoram Arnstein, the general director of HAPOEL, the biggest Israeli sports organization, "will be transferred to other countries." 7000 mothers are already participating in the Israeli Mamanet league and the number is constantly rising.

The original sport is called Catchiball, played on a volleyball court. The ball is not being hit volley, it has to be caught, passed and thrown over the net. "Mothers of kids of a certain elementary school for example, basically have the same problems. So we formed school teams for mothers and the interest was overwhelming", says Ofra Abramovic, the founder of the Mamanet league. "Doing sports together upgrades their family lives and attracts also the community. Another advantage is that mothers meet with other women; an important social aspect."

Due to the growing interest in Mamanet CSIT will be an accelerator and multiplicator for this new game all over the world. Further to the decision of the CSIT Executive Committee and with the full support of the President of CSIT Mr. Harald Bauer, MAMANET will be officially incorporated in the CSIT World Sports Games 2017 in Riga, Latvia.

Finally a big applause to AICS President Bruno Molea, LIGNOC Head Valeria Gherardini and their teams for a wonderful and successful collaboration and friendship!