International Gymnastics Show Competition under the Patronage of CSIT

Day/Time: 16.06.2019, 00:00 until 16.06.2019 00:00

Ort: Helsinki / Finland

The Finnish Workers' Sports Federation, TUL's Gymnastics and Dance Department, in cooperation with TUL's member clubs of the Helsinki metropolitan area, are organizing open TUL's 100th Anniversary Championships “Under the Patronage of CSIT”.

Four MEMBER UNIONS to reactivate Gymnastics in CSIT!

The goal is to integrate Gymnastics into the WSG 2021 again!

If you are interested in Gymnastics in CSIT, or know interested partners, please do not hesitate to register as well as contact our Finnish colleagues from TUL, Mrs. Rajajärvi via rajajarvi@csit.tv and Sports Director Bouchoms via sportsdirector@csit.tv!

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