II. CSIT World Sports Games in Tallinn 2010

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In January 2009 the Board of CSIT decided that the 2nd CSIT World Sports Games would be held in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia from 1st-8th of July 2010.

The international gathering of working and studying sportsmen, will be organized by the Sport Association Kalev, the best known one for years in Estonia. As Tallinn will be the European capital of culture in 2011, CSIT Games will also contribute to the good image of Tallinn. Thousands of sportsmen are expected to arrive in Tallinn and people's mood depends on what they see and experience.  The leaders of Kalev and Tallinn have cooperated even before in the name of successful outcome of major events. Agreements to continue joint activities have also been concluded for the CSIT Games. The organizing committee of the Games is lead by the Mayor of Tallinn Mr. Edgar Savisaar, one of the most outstanding politicians and public figures.

Tallinn, capital of Estonia

The competition program is compact and versatile, offering relevant sporting activities for the participants of different age and level. The sporting activities will take place in the best Estonian sports facilities, which are also the best in the Baltics. For leisure activities, the most modern cultural centres are at the disposal of the guests.

The parade of participants from the Old Town to the Kalev stadium proceeds the opening ceremony of the Games. The greatest attraction of the ceremony will be the grand and new in its form and content gymnastic gala. The preparations for the success of the 2nd CSIT World Sports Games have started in 2008.