How to become host of CSIT World Sports Games ...

In the following we may give you an understanding of our proceedings how to become host of one of the next editions of the CSIT World Sports Games (WSG):

Documents & Contact:

As applicant organisation, governmental institution or company in association with a candidate city please contact the General Secretariat (e-mail: office@csit.tv) for the application documents, prepare accurately and provide comprehensive information; this could be in the form of written statements and descriptions, brochures, presentations, pictures as well as promotion videos, preferred via e-mail, Dropbox and similar platforms to the head of the CSIT working group “World Sports Games” Sports Director Henk Bouchoms (e-mail: sportdirector@csit.tv) and General Secretary Wolfgang Burghardt (e-mail: office@csit.tv).

  • Procedures and Application Form for Hosting CSIT World Sports Games (please contact the General Secretary: office@csit.tv)


The platform for introducing personally your host application is the annual CSIT Congress, which takes traditionally place in calendar-week 42/43 in October.

  • IX.  CSIT World Sports Games 2025: Your application should be sent until October 1st, 2022 latest!
  •  X.  CSIT World Sports Games 2027: Your application should be sent until October 1st, 2024 latest!

Attention: Individual agreements after consultation of General Secretary Wolfgang Burghardt are possible!

Awarding Decision:

After reception of a valid candidature, the experts of the CSIT working group “World Sports Games” will visit the applying host city and organizer on location in the time period between the CSIT Congress and the first Executive Committee Meeting of the following year in calendar-week 10, in order to evaluate all necessities and conditions for the evaluation report.
Based on this report the Executive Committee will come to the “WSG-Awarding-Decision” in the mentioned first meeting, whereas all candidates will be informed about the decision without delay.

In case of further questions please do not hesitate to contact General Secretary Wolfgang Burghardt (e-mail: office@csit.tv) as well as the head of working group “CSIT World Sports Games” Sports Director Henk Bouchoms (e-mail: sportsdirector@csit.tv).

Yours sincerely,

Henk Bouchoms
Vice President / Sports Director
Chairman Working Group WSG

Wolfgang Burghardt
General Secretary