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Welcome to Tallinn!

back Welcome to Tallinn!

Member Unions from more than 30 countries have been arrived safely in Tallinn the capital of Estonia and organizing city of the 2. CSIT World Sports Games.

Tallinn_Historical Center
Historical center of Tallinn: The weather is fantastic ...

Tallinn_Olde Hansa Tallinn1
           The famous "Olde Hansa" and a great view over the Baltic Sea.

Although the opening ceremony of the games will take place today evening 19.00 (Kalev Stadium), many competitions as tennis / football and senior activities have been started in the meantime.  Also many meetings in preparation for the games has been arranged. Please find details on the official World Sports Games website. 

     CSIT Stamp Bauer CSIT Postcard and Stamp 
CSIT President Bauer and the special edition CSIT Games postcard and stamp.

Bauer_Kreitzberg Paatero_Anton
CSIT President Bauer and KALEV President Peeter Kreitzberg. On the right picture CSIT Vice President Sirpa Paatero and KALEV General Manager Avo Anton. 

Preparation Meetings SESI
Head of CSIT Technical Commissions Meeting and the Brasilian SESI delegation.

July 2nd seniors from FSGT/France, ASKÖ/Austria and DAI/Denmark met in Kalev Sports Club for the presentation of the program for the week and to take part in the first part of the program. They all look forward having an injoyable stay full of new experiences, psysical activities and reciprocation of knowledge.

Tallinn Photo seniors
            Our CSIT Seniors family in Tallinn.