Volleyball Coach of the Century Supports Mamanet Movement

Volleyball Coach of the Century Supports Mamanet Movement

Arie Selinger has won more than 25 national championships in many different countries. Now he supports Mamanet: "This new sport is a phenomenon!"

He led the US Women’s Team in 1984 and the Dutch Men’s Team in 1992 to Olympic silver medals as a coach. Volleyball has been Arie’s life. “But now I found a new exciting passion”, said the Israelian, born in 1937 in Krakow, Poland, and one of the Auschwitz survivers. He is supporting Mamanet since four months. “Mamanet is the fastest growing sports movement I’ve ever seen”, he analyses. “It is a sociological and psychological phenomenon. It strengthens women’s positions in the family and in the society.”

Mamanet World Record on Friday night
Mamanet is part of the 5th CSIT World Sports Games 2017 in Riga and an official sports for the first time. And everything is set for a world record on Friday evening (June 16) at Lucavsala Island in Riga: Mamanet can be played there by everybody who likes. 50 (!) nets are ready for the biggest Mamanet Party in History.

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