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CSIT Congress 2011

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The CSIT Congress 2011 with almost 140 delegates from more than 25 countries took place in Rio de Janeiro / BRA, October 2nd - 10th, 2011. Landmark decisions for the further development of the CSIT had been made. Launch of the CSIT World Sports Games 2013 in Rio de Janeiro. President Harald Bauer was confirmed as CSIT President with applause and the new Executive Committee takes up employment.                                    






The whole CSIT family congratulates Rio de Janeiro as the sport capital of the world and CSIT is looking forward to return in 2013 for the 100 year of CSIT anniversary and the 3rd CSIT World Sports Games.

Congress 2011 Contract WSG Congress 2011 Start Shot WSG
Launch of the 3. CSIT World Sports Games in Rio de Janeiro 2013 !!  Signing of the contract CSIT President Bauer and SESI Superintendent Fonseca

Honour was bestowed for services in the field of CSIT workers sports rendered to Lorenzo Bani (UISP), Lion Goldstein (AFSTB), Michel Legendre (FSGT), Michael Sulzbacher (ASKÖ), Ciro Turco (AICS) gold pin and Honorary Membership Wim Hoeijenbos (NCS).

        Congress 2011 Honorary
Turco, Legendre, Bauer, Sulzbacher, Richard for Goldstein, Bani

Congress heard on behalf of Wim Hoeijenbos his recollections of time as an athletic and a member of executive committee. The whole present CSIT family sends warmest facilitation for a speedy recovery to the new CSIT Honorary Member Wim Hoeijenbos.

The new elected Executive Board of the CSIT consists of

- President Harald Bauer (Austria, ASKÖ)
- Rui Campos (Brasil, SESI)
- Bruno Molea (Italy, AICS)
- Sirpa Paatero (Finland, TUL)
- Yoram Arnstein (Israel, HAPOEL)
- Palle Thomsen (Denmark, DAI)
- Christian Vifian (Switzerland, SATUS)
- Desislava Yagodin (Bulgaria, BWFS)
- Olivier Comont (France, FSGT)
- Abd el Krim Chouchaoui (Algeria, FAST)
- Yves Richard (Belgium, AFSTB)

       Congress 2011 Election President
President Harald relieved and delighted due to the great encouragement
of the Congress

      Congress 2011 New ExCom
The new ExCom - Chouchaoui, Richard, Comont, Thomsen, Yagodin, Bauer, Paatero, Molea, Vifian, Campos

Congress acknowledged the support received from Austrian Sport Ministry and the city of Vienna.

Progress since last Congress 2008

- Seven working groups which was welcome support by CSIT ExCom
- Ongoing restructuring of the CSIT with additional support staff
- Greater recognition
- Relocation of CSIT office and registration as "International Organization" 
   by the Austrian Federal Government
- Improved communication and marketing
- Active young leaders program has developed
- Successfully applied funding from European Union, start long term initiative
- Signed agreement with WADA
- Signed pilot agreement with FILA
- New member applications China, Turkey, Russia and Serbia

Outcomes of the Congress Brazil 2011

Unanimous decisions

- Strategic analysis of CSIT restructuring and reorganization
- 10 % increase of all fees in line with the rate of inflation
- Acceptance of new target groups (example: trade unions and large companies)
- Bigger delegations for participation at championships from unions
- Acceptance of CSIT anti-doping policy
- Technical Commissions update the VANTA 2003- document 
    - linguistic adjustments
    - amateurs /Unions ethics on the status
    - the functions of the technical commissions
    - reimbursement of late cancellations
    - gender balance title ´´chairperson"
    - reset terms of declarations 
    - better financing of technical commissions
- launch of new corporative logo to strengthen and develop the visibility of
  CSIT within the international sport family

 Additional decisions

- Amended statutes approved in line with new strategic pathway
- Established Project Committee lead by Yves Richard (AFSTB) for the 100 year
  festival celebration. The President of IOC Jacques Rogge expressed his interest
  to attend the celebrations.

Contracts in Brazil 2011

- Signed Contract with SESI World Sport Games 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
- Signed co-operation agreement between CSIT and Balkan Association for
  Worker's Sport (BAWS)
- Signed co-operation agreement between CSIT and Confederacion
  Panamericana de los Tabajadores (COPADET)

Congress 1_Meeting with FIRJAN and SESI leadership; President Bauer during his speech Congress 2_President Bauer, FIRJAN CEO Carlos Fernando Gross, SESI Superintendend Carlos Henrique da Fonseca & Maria Lucia Telles
Meeting with FIRJAN and SESI leadership (l.) and President Bauer, FIRJAN Director Carlos Fernando Gross, SESI Superintendent Carlos Henrique da Fonseca & Maria Lucia Telles   

Membership in CSIT

New membership applications in Brazil 2011

- Atomsport-Russia approved as a full member
- FROS-Belgium approved as a full member
- CWCIE-China approved as an associate member
- India and Congo deferred until 2012
- Syria's application was rejected

Loss of membership

- Egypt (ECSF)
- Palestine (PPSF)
- Senegal (FSST)
- Spain (AEDPT)
- Sweden (RSLU)

Goals for the future

- Closer connection to UN, UNESCO, WHO and TAFISA
- Triple the participation at World Sport Games
- 30 countries to join World Sport Games
- CSIT anti-doping athlete contract signature requirements
- All CSIT  anti-doping documents to be available in the website
- Testing in future championships
- Develop a database of results for historic purposes
- Include active tourism, large sport for all program and exchange of ideas 
  in next World Sport Games
- Young leaders working group to form part of the strategic development and
  the World Sport Game organization working groups. European Fair Play
  Movement interested in Young Leader on the Let's move-project
- Young leaders idea is to develop additional program to run beside
  the competition program of the World Sport Games
- Choose a common date to celebrate the EU Year of Active Ageing 2012
- Explore the opportunities of supporting the International Working Group
  on Women on Sport by signing the Brighton Declaration
- Promote the agenda of women activities
- Engage with the Socialist International
- Develop better relations with International Trade Unions Confederation
- Financial situation is balanced currently and the liquidity is good but CSIT
  has structural financial challenges in the future
- Social Sports Working Group will continue to work actively
- 100 year celebrations in Belgium 2013 and the 100 years publication editor
  in chief CSIT Honorary President Prof. Kalevi Olin. It is important to give a
  legacy to the next generation.