Let´s Move

The Let´s Move project was born on june 2009 during a seminar organised with the CSIT Young Leaders Working Group in Albena with the kin support of the Bulgarian Workers Sport Federation (BWSF). The Young Leaders Conferece held on October 2010 in the framework of the CSIT General Assembly has been an other step. The young leaders group has worked on a document to gather as many information as possible concerning the CSIT member activities.

The main purposes are

  • to share our projects, events,...
  • to diffuse our ideas and innovations
  • to give information about our organisation
  • to strengthen our network and the way we can work together
  • to know better each other
  • to develop a mutual support and share our expertises

How to participate?

  • Fill in one form per project
  • feel free to attach all the documents you think you need to present your project (pictures, brochures,...)
  • send the documents to comont@csit.tv

DOWLOAD Let´s Move form