III. CSIT World Sports Games 2013 in Varna


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These were the CSIT World Sports Games 2013 in Varna!

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Perfect organisation under high pressure

    The organisers of the 3rd CSIT World Sport Games in Varna at the Bulgarian Black Sea coast from 2nd to 9th June, the CSIT member union "Bulgarian Workers Federation - "BWF Sport and Health" - in cooperation with the CITUB and Varna Municipality, did a real good job in arranging the Games. The venues for the 2700 athletes as well as the accommodation for the 32 participating member nations were in excellent condition. Transport to the venues outside the hotel complex worked without any difficulty too. Despite the extremely short preparation time of less than one year the Games were a complete success.


    Notwithstanding the Games have the amateur status the athletic performances were all at a very high level. There were captivating and emotional duels in basketball and beachvolley-ball and also in streetball, soccer and tennis. The competitions were not only spectated by athletes, also many locals and tourists came to tournaments of the CSIT World Sport Games and enjoyed it very much.


    CSIT President Harald Bauer compliments the organisers for the realisation: "The 10 years experience in organising the Balkan Games of the Bulgarian member union was perceivable here in Varna. The finals in all disciplines have proven that amateur sports can be captivating at a very high and attractive level. The international Confederation will start immediately after the end of the festival to prepare planning the next Games in 2015 and will incorporate the experiences gained in Varna.  I congratulate the organisers on the execution of the Games. The result was extremely good after only seven months of preparation time."


    The organiser union with a big team had worked very hard around the clock to execute the Games in a perfect way. BWF President Dessie Yagodin is satisfied and reports a positive outcome: "It was a big challenge and it was not easy to organise the games for so many participants and it was lots of work to do in the last couple of months. But we gave our best and tried to organise perfect games and I think we did a good job. We talked to many of our friends of different CSIT member unions. All of them are satisfied and we from BWF are satisfied too."