CSIT Seniors get organized for Tortosa

CSIT Seniors get organized for Tortosa

Schielleiten in Austria was the host city for the CSIT formation course 2018 for Seniors 55+ organized by ASKÖ. 

It is less than a year until the CSIT World Sports Games in Tortosa, Catalonia (Spain) in July 2019 and the CSIT seniors start to get in form and organized. Instructors from FSGT - France, DAI - Denmark, HAPOEL - Israel and ASKÖ - Austria met from 21th to 23th of September 2018 in the wonderful castle of Schielleiten in Austria under the lead of CSIT Vice-President Palle Thomsen for their regular formation course for Seniors 55+.


It was an intensive but interesting weekend for the seniors with a lot of new activities, that gives all a creative input and innovative ideas for the upcoming events. All instructors will translate the new content to be able to use them for their own stakeholders “at home”.

Besides the visit of CSIT Secretary General Wolfgang Burghardt, who brought greetings from CSIT President Bruno Molea, the seniors had several interesting presentations of top lecturers from the University of Vienna and the Austrian Sports & Healthcare sector, organized through the excellent network of Austrias' pensioners (PVÖ), one of the co-organizers of the formation course.
Head of organizing committee Uschi Mortinger wants to thank in particular Prof. Andreas Vock, Petra Höllhuemer, Claudia Kraxner and Dietmar Hainrauch for their knowledge transfer.

Next appointment for the seniors will be in 2019 in Tortosa, Catalonia at the CSIT World Sports Games (WSG). CSIT is looking forward to a high number of senior participants at the 6th CSIT WSG in Tortosa 2019, to ensure the widest possible exchange of know-how between specialists from around the world.

25/09/18 13:56