YOULead participants at ASKÖ Youth Sports Week

YOULead participants at ASKÖ Youth Sports Week

At the Final Conference of EU project YOULead in April the President and General Secretary of ASKÖ invited Young Leaders to participate at the ASKÖ Youth Sports Week. Finally, they were able to travel to the Austria alps!

Four Young Leaders had the chance to experience one of ASKÖs biggest events over the year. The Youth Sports Week enables the young athletes to broaden their personal horizons and to get impulses from other sports in addition to the professional training in their sport. The motivated and experienced coaching teams work intensively together and offer everyone an innovative programme of activities. Year after year, cross-sport and joint cultural activities ensure a great atmosphere in one of the most beautiful regions of Austria and thus an unforgettable week.

This initiative shows what legacies EU projects can have. Besides the friendships that are created, we can expand and strengthen our international network and thus ensure long-term development.


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