World Games 2022 in Birmingham

World Games 2022 in Birmingham

11 days of non-Olympic sports in 34 disciplines at the highest level

What the Olympic Games and the five rings are for Olympic sports, the World Games are for the non-Olympic sports family. In 2022, to mark the 40th anniversary, the World Games will be held again in the United States for the first time, from July 7 to 17 in Birmingham, Alabama. In 1981, the first edition was held in Santa Clara (California). In the meantime, 34 sports with a wide variety of sub-disciplines are on the competition calendar. The organizer is the "International World Games Association", which, like the CSIT, is an Associated Member of GAISF.

The World Games are an exceptional international sporting event that takes place every four years, in the year following the Summer Olympic Games. The Games last 11 days and are the pinnacle of competition for 3,600 of the world's best athletes in unique, multidisciplinary sports. Through the World Games, non-Olympic participating sports get the worldwide attention they deserve. An unmissable stage where athletes from more than 100 countries compete for gold.

More than 600 medals are awarded, including 200 gold medals for the ultimate champions in each discipline. The World Games have also grown into a huge economic factor, bringing an estimated economic benefit of around $256 million to the host region. The host "International World Games Association IWGA)" is a non-profit organization composed of 37 international sports federations and, like CSIT, is recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

At the end of 2021, CSIT President Bruno Molea was elected Chairman of the GAISF Associate Members Group and is one of the nine members of the GAISF Council. The Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) is the umbrella organization for all Olympic and non-Olympic international sports federations, as well as organizers of multi-sport games and sports-related international federations. The entire CSIT sports family, as well as President Molea, wish the World Games organizers every success for the event.

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