WDSM - World Dance Sport Movement in Tortosa

WDSM - World Dance Sport Movement in Tortosa

With the support of CSIT President Bruno Molea WDSM will be happy to present the "New Sport Dance" at the WSG 2019 in Catalonia.

This organisation was founded in reference to a method of judgment, the Dance Gold System, conceived in 2012 by Davide Gabusi and structured by Leonardo Orazi. Currently Sport Dance has the need to establish as a “real” sport and the evaluation of competitors must be more objective then subjective. To achieve that, it was necessary to prepare a Federation that is able to support this hypothesis. The WDSM - Federation has chosen to use this absolutely innovative judgment method. And the athletes are interested in this new conduct of competition and provision of judgment.

Presently there are many dance disciplines in WDSM like Folk Dances, Filuzzian Dances in the first place, but also choreographic dances, Latin American, Caribbean, Afro-Latin and others too. One of the key people who supported the WDSM project was AICS and CSIT President Bruno Molea. He personally followed the evolution of the project conceived by actual WDSM President Davide Gabusi and Sports Director Mirco Ermeti. Therefore, with the support of various international nations, WDSM will be happy to present the "New Sport Dance". Emotions will not be lacking in a sport like the dance, that has and provides a very high rate of spectacular performances. 

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