Thank you Riga - See you in Tortosa

Thank you Riga - See you in Tortosa

Paldies Rīgu par brīnišķīgo laiku! (Thank You Riga for a wonderful time!) and Esperem a Tortosa ! (We are looking forward to Tortosa 2019)

Saturday night, June 18th, the 5th CSIT World Sports Games ended with a spectacular closing ceremony in the Palladium Concert Hall in the Latvian capital Riga. Almost 4000 athletes, coaches and supervisors from 36 countries came to Latvia and participated in 15 official CSIT championships and eight demonstration sport activities. The organisers from CSIT member organization LTSA prepared 22 locations in different places all over the city. “The facilities in this city are amazing”, said CSIT President Bruno Molea. “Thank You, Riga, for a very warm welcome and for your excitement and enthusiasm for the CSIT movement.”

Movie Closing Ceremony! 

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Medals Table!

In the end the flag was taken down by Andris Berzins and Galina Gorbatenko who led the Riga team to an outstanding performance. Finally the flag was handed over to Mayor Ferran Bel i Accensi, the representative of Tortosa in Catalonia, where the 6th CSIT World Sports Games will be taking place in 2019. “We will do our best”, said Jaume Domingo, President UCEC, the Spanish partner organization of CSIT. “Tortosa and its neighbour communities are ready for 2019 and cannot wait to welcome you all!”

WSG-2017-Closing WSG-Tortosa-Flag2  WSG-Tortosa-Flag1

The open end party at the Palladium was preluded by the very special performance of Laima Jansone, the Nr. 1 virtuoso with the Latvian national musical instrument “Kokle”.

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