Social Media Project "Faces of CSIT"

Social Media Project

CSIT has a lot of values that are not just merely connected to sports. We are always striving to promote equality, enhance cultural exchange, force inclusivity and show our social responsibility.

These values and aims serve as the basis of the daily work for the whole CSIT Team as well as a lot of other members of the CSIT Family - not only in front but also behind the scenes. All of us, no matter if managers, organizers, coaches or athletes – are living the spirit of CSIT.

As a sign of appreciation for them we would like to show these Faces of CSIT to everyone, as we believe all of those people have a lot to share, teach and motivate. They have a long story to tell. Most likely the one you would never imagine to hear. We are sure there are people also in YOUR organization, who you believe ARE definitely the Faces of CSIT!

Therefore, if you believe that one person or more people from your organisation are truly “Faces of CSIT”, let us know and we will get in contact with him or her for a very short interview conducted by Dariya Sharafan, our Social Media Manager. The interview will then be spread on all our CSITs media channels. 

Everyone has a story, and we are sure that this story is worth being heard.

We kindly ask you to send the names and email addresses of the respective people to Administrative Secretary Oliver Pangl at administration@csit.tv and Social Media manager Dariya Sharafan at dariya.sharafan@gmail.com until 11.06.21, so they are able to contact the “Faces of CSIT” and give credits to them in the nearest time.

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