O-Sport World Cup at the CSIT World Sports Games in Riga

O-Sport World Cup at the CSIT World Sports Games in Riga

CSIT is looking forward to the close cooperation with the World O-Sport Federation WOF during the upcoming CSIT World Sports Games from 13th to 18th June, 2017 in Riga (Latvia). WOF will organize an O-Sport World Cup (Original Persian Sports) within the framework of the WSG, hold O-Sport workshops together with Amateur Federation of Workers Sport of Iran and present this sport under the category of new and demonstrative Sports. Both organisations, CSIT and WOF, are working on a long and intensive partnership.

CSIT Leadership expects more attractiveness in Martial Arts by installing the O-Sport World Cup within the WSG. No doubt about, O-SPORT can definitely bring together athletes from different CSIT member unions in the World Sport Games 2017. O-Sport stands for Original Persian Sports. The multi-skilled technical structure of O-Sport is formed of: Persian arts and games, such as Dooz, Slingshot, Ley ley, Alak Dolak, swimming and struggling of Persian tribes. During a process of deep studies and modernization, these Games have become the industry of sport.

These sports include Aqua O-Sport (the combination of struggling, swimming and passing through the barriers), Artistic O-Sport (The combination of shooting skills, passing through the barriers with acrobatic skills), Mind O-Sport (the combination of Dooz and others), and Combat O-Sport (the combination of self defense, shooting and martial arts skills ). These competitive techniques and disciplines have been named with the benefit of Persian words and ancient names of Iranian cities.

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