Minigolf Championship at the WSG

Minigolf Championship at the WSG

The biggest highlight of WMF will be the International Minigolf Speed Championships during the CSIT World Sports Games 2019 in Tortosa

World Minigolf Sport Federation is he sole umbrella organization of minigolf sport associations worldwide and Continental Federations on all five continents. WMF is a member of Global Association of International Sport Federations GAISF and Alliance of Independent recognized Members of Sport AIMS, representing 63 associations as full members and more than 38,000 registered players worldwide. The members of the WMF organize over 1,500 tournaments every year.

Officially founded was WMF in 1980, organizes recently World Championships, Youth World Championships, Deaf World Championships, Continental Championships for Youth and General Class on a biennial cycle as well as the World Adventuregolf Masters and Grand Prix events each year. Minigolf is a global sport movement connecting generations and a very popular family and leisure sport, played by millions of people around the world. WMF takes its social responsibility by supporting programs for disabled people as well as activities against crime and for peace and a better life.

2018 activities
The Youth World Championships took place in Cheb (Czech Republic) with a fantastic performance of so many youth athletes from Europe and Asia. Athletes from all 5 continents were welcomed to the World Adventuregolf Masters in Horní Bezděkov (Czech Republic). WMF also organized the first Open African Championships in Accra (Ghana) with players from 17 African countries, which was a huge success for the first approach to organize Continental Championships in Africa. Also the well established Continental Championships in Europe and Asia had a long list of participating players in all categories.

The Minigolf Summit as a huge initiative for players with various disabilities was arranged by the European and World Minigolf Sport Federation with the local club in Costa Nova (Portugal) as organizer. During 10 days lots of activities and events took place for deaf and blind players as well as for players with other disabilities.

2019 highlights
The biggest highlights will be the WMF International Minigolf Speed Championships during the CSIT World Sports Games 2019 in Tortosa (Spain), the World Championships in Zhouzhuang (China) as the first World Championships in Asia, the Deaf World Championships in Bamberg (Germany) and the World Adventuregolf Masters in Kungälv (Sweden).

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