Mamanet Austria on the way

Mamanet Austria on the way

CSIT Secretary General Wolfgang Burghardt attended the Mamanet Austria press conference in Vienna for the official presentation of the new sports movement for women & mothers in Austria.

Mamanet is travelling the world! What began in Israel a couple of years ago is now a big worldwide movement. Mamanet, the ambitious sports for mothers and women with high social effect is conquering the world and fascinating all over. End of August was the official presentation of Mamanet Austria with all their plans in the showroom of Sponsor ERIMA Austria. In June 2018 Mamanet Austria is starting its new national league, beginning in Vienna.

In Austria Mamanet has a very big political support from Hermann Krist, President of CSIT member union ASKÖ and even higher from the Austrian Minister of Sports, Hans Peter Doskozil: “Mamanet is fun an joy and trains all the basics for sports. It brings success very easy and fast and I am happy that we now have this offer for women in Austria too." The Austrian Ministry of Sports is pleased to support this new project in Austria officially. "I wish them all the best and all success.”

At the moment Mamanet Austria runs 18 courses in and out of Vienna, upward trend. “Mamanet brings Austria lots of energy, a new prospect, a new challenge and even new jobs”, stated Mamanet Austria President Sonja Spendlhofer.” The international character and the possibility to participate at international tournaments and even at the CSIT World Sports Games makes Mamanet very attractive.” Secretary General Sissi Speiser added accurate and in short words: “Mamanet makes the world much more friendly, gentle and bright!”

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