Mamanet also supports breast cancer victims

Mamanet also supports breast cancer victims

Mrs. Mamanet, Ofra Abramovich is invited by CSIT to attend the Mamanet Games and to hold a Workshop in Cervia

Mamanet has grown in recent years into a very large and worldwide movement that cares not only for mothers, but also for women who have problems that are difficult to overcome. Problems like breast cancer, where a supportive social movement is needed. Mamanet is a league that goes far beyond its original purpose, using its sport to build a broad, strong and powerful network. "Obviously, there is a common denominator for all mothers in the world that has led our organization to transform a sports league into a social movement," says Ofra Abramovich, Mamanet's founder, who is invited by CSIT to the Mamanet Championships and to hold an international workshop in Cervia in June.

"Our platform is creating more waves for sports and fitness," Abramovich (founder of Mamanet) says. "For example, after our 'I Am Aware Too' tournament, which aims to raise awareness about early detection of breast cancer, some women got tested, and in fact, some detected the insidious disease early, saving their lives." One of those women is Enrica Delmonte. Mamanet, as a sports network and social support network, has greatly helped her deal with the crisis in her life off the field.

Crisis support group
The disease was discovered last year in Delmonte, who runs the Italian television station in Israel. "At the end of the summer, I felt a lump in my chest," she says. "It was the day before my flight abroad, and everyone around me assured me that it was probably the third Corona vaccination, which sometimes causes swelling in the lymph nodes. I was on vacation for three weeks and the lump did not go away. When I came back, I had it checked out and started chemotherapy within just a few weeks."

Mamanet as a great supporter
"For three and a half months, the Mamanet ladies never left me alone for a moment. I came to every treatment with two friends, two different girls each time, who didn't go to work but were with me all morning. Shelly Goldstein, the team captain, started a WhatsApp group called 'Good Energies` where there were not only girls from my group, but from all over the city who wanted to be part of the story. The fact that they supported me was also good for them. And there was a waiting list of who came with me for treatment.

Under the auspices of CSIT
Mamanet is a real movement for mothers who act in solidarity and stick together, even in such difficult times as breast cancer. Women and children who would otherwise have difficulty accessing sports should also be able to participate. An international sports movement for mothers, women and their children is spreading worldwide under the auspices of CSIT! "The mother is the star!" Internationally, more than 50,000 mothers practice Mamanet, a true International Boom!

Every mother or woman counts
"We are Mamanet. It is a new target group, with networks, great sense of community, promoting health, setting an example and for integration. "Every mother can!": The team sport Mamanet can be learned without previous sporting experience at any age regardless of height and weight. A game comes quickly and is immediately fun!

CU in Cervia 2022
The CSIT MAMANET CHAMPIONSHIPS will take place from June 08th - 12th, 2022 in Cervia (Italy). The host AICS and the CSIT is delighted about the high number of registrations.
Most of the countries of the Mamanet movement will be present and this is the perfect occasion to hold a workshop with the objective of further developing Mamanet and to raise awarenes to the stakeholders and opinionleaders of our member unions.

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