Mamanet Academy in Los Angeles

Mamanet Academy in Los Angeles

While mamanet is starting into the second year in Ohio on the US east coast, mamanet went this September to LA in order to expose the movement to a wider audience, to certify game Coaches, Referees & Scorers, train league professional coordinators, reach a wider community of mothers and develop the international activity in community building.

The seminar in LA explained basically about the values and goals of mamanet, practice for players, instructions for coaches and captains, a scorekeeper as a personal commitment of the children. The opening ceremony included 170 players and 30 team members officials. In addition, 15 children were trained as part of the "Personal Commitment" project. Ofra Abramovich, founder and chairman of the Mamanet league: "It was amazing to see the human mix of the league. Local volleyball coaches come to take part, in recognition of the League's goals and values.” All the practicing and ceremony was with the support of the local JCC that helps and asked to be part of the mamanet activities.

“Mom I'm proud of you”
The seminar was concluded with an impressive ceremony, which was honored by the Israeli Consul in Los Angeles - Mr. Eitan Weiss. In addition, a game of coaches was held in front of the delegation from Israel, friendly matches between the teams, certificates were distributed and the opening of the season of the mamanet LA League was announced, in the presence of 500 family members, dignitaries, media and sponsors. An exciting quote from one of the players of the league, who said: "I want to share with you an exciting moment of mine, even though we lost our great son Daniel coming to me at the end of the game and said “Mom I'm proud of you”. For me it was worth the world.”

The Israeli mamanet league is the largest social-sports project in Israel targeting specifically mothers. It was established in 2005 and has since spread to thousands of players all across. It is a unique and innovative model, challenging the existing status of women and combines sport, health and community involvement. Mamanet model is being adopted around the world by a wide range of women no matter what is their age, race, religion, weight or physical condition, emotional state and socioeconomic background. 

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