IRAN installed a new Fair-Play-Organisation

IRAN installed a new Fair-Play-Organisation

At the Closing Ceremony of the 4th CSIT World Sports Games 2015 in Lignano-Sabbiadoro (ITA), CSIT and EFPM handed over for the first time a Fair Play award to athletes. One of the winners was Rooho Mohammadi Mirzaei from Iran for outstanding behaviour. The Minister of Interior in Iran took this as occasion to establish a new Non Govermental Organisation NGO called “Fatian Fair Play” in Iran.

The winner of the EFPM-Award in Lignano, Rooho Mohammadi Mirzaei, participated at the first joint EFPM/CIFP congress in Baku titled “Fair Play in Competitive Sport – Making it Real or Just an Ideal”. This inspired him to establish a new NGO called Fatian Fair Play with the Ministry of Interior in Iran. The members of this NGO are faculty, athletes, Olympic & Asian medal winners at all sports, senior managers in ministries and veterans.

Activity areas at Fatian fair play have been defined in broad amateur, student, college and professional sports. On behalf of CSIT we wish our Iranian friends and the new fair play organisation lots of success and we can promise supporting the development and promotion of sport ethics in Iran.

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