International Amateur American Football League

International Amateur American Football League

IAAFL will organize the discipline of AF, in version Tackle 9v9, female & male and Flag 5v5 female & male at the CSIT World Sport Games 2019  

IAAFL is an international non-profitable association, founded in 2014, settled in Italy with activities in more than 20 countries in the World. The association is affiliated to AICS, Italian Association for Sport and Culture. The goal is to help develop American Football, especially in those countries, which started to spread up that sport in recent years. IAAFL is busy every day to find solutions in every aspect of development of the sport in all its versions on different levels.

Thanks to Internet, and of course especially Facebook, the original founders got in contact with many passionate people of AF worldwide and started a huge network. They created the Organizational Chart of IAAFL, the figure of IAAFL National Commissioner, that is not more than a referring person in every country, that helps to understand where IAAFL could help with its experience to develop AF. Ten years ago, AF was played in no more than 14/15 countries due to different problems in the 90s. Today AF is played in more than 70 countries and IAAFL has 24 National Commissioners and four Continental Commissioners with official engagement letter from IAAFL.

The work of IAAFL is diverse. They organize camps for Players, Tackle or Flag, Women or Men at different skills, formation for Coaches and Referees (the Certificates of Participation are recognized from the CIO Italian Olympic Committee), international matches, demonstrative matches, national and international tournaments. National or Interregional leagues for those new teams that haven’t possibilities to affiliate to official National Federations to help to strengthen teams for a future participation to respective National Championships.

IAAFL collaborates actively with many National Federations in the World and officially with FIDAF, the Italian Federation of American Football. It helps to create associations or federations, assisting the process of creation, does elaboration of statutes and rules and assists processes of recognition from national authorities. It helps to draw up internal rules of federations and sport rules adaptations from NCAA or NFL rules. IAAFL also provides a simple basic personal insurance for the activities of American Football amateurs.

IAAFL is active in Social Medias like Facebook with pages or groups dedicated to Amateurs of AF. It has a different web page related with activities of the association, searches to enter in big sport manifestations with discipline of AF in all its versions, always with the goal to increase popularity of American Football in the World. It is in contact with International Managers of IFAF and the International Federation of American Football, to help promote AF. It assists every person or owner of a AF development project to find support and realize the goal of the project. It organizes formation of new national technique directors or even prepares Sponsor dossiers and other stuff related with AF.

In January 2019 IAAFL organizes an International Tournament in Chili, with eight teams coming from all Central and South America and one team from Europe. This will be the first time, that a European Team will participate in a tournament in South America. In July 2019 IAAFL will organize the discipline of AF, in version Tackle 9v9, female & male and Flag 5v5 female & male at the CSIT World Sport Games 2019 in Tortosa, Catalonia.   

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