III. CSIT World Sports Games 2013 in Varna

III. CSIT World Sports Games 2013 in Varna

The III. CSIT World Sports Games will take place at the famous "Gold Coast" by the "Black Sea" in Varna (Bulgaria) from June 2nd until June 9th 2013, organised from CSIT member "Bulgarian Workers Federation Sport & Health". Even the General Assembly 2012 is meeting there.

After the surprising cancellation of our Brazilian member union SESI to organize the CSIT Games 2013 in Rio, President Bauer started immediately to search for a substitute organizer.

Finally he was successful in Bulgaria, where the "Bulgarian Workers Federation Sport & Health" organized its well-known "10. International Bulgarian Workers' Sports Festival" early June in Varna; a sports festival of similar dimension. Our Bulgarian friends are not only excellent organizers, even more they are true professionals as host. Some CSIT member unions participated in these games in the last decade and could give only best feedback.

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Varna, a 400.000 inhabitants strong city is directly situated at the wonderful coast of the Black Sea and is opening every year - at the beginning of the tourist season-  its holiday resorts for diverse sports events. The sports infrastructure is on a high level and in 2013 different hotel categories at reasonable conditions will be offered to the whole CSIT community and all further participants.

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President Bauer had fruitful personal meetings with the Mayor of Varna (see picture above: President Bauer, Vice President Yagodin & Mayor Kiril Jordanow), the Deputy Sports Minister, the President of the Federation of Trade Unions and of course with the leadership of the Bulgarian CSIT member union. All these key persons are acting together in concert and are extremely proud to host the next "CSIT World Sports Games 2013".

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There are sufficient possibilities to accommodate 10.000 participants and due to the long term experience of our Bulgarian friends, we are convinced that they are able to organize CSIT Games at a high level, even with only one year preparation time.

From June 2. - 9. 2013, St. Constantine and the "Helena Resort" - about eight kilometres out of Varna - will become the centre of our huge amateur sports festival.

CSIT General Assembly 2012 in Varna

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Because of this extraordinary situation, the Executive Committee decided at short notice to relocate the General Assembly 2012 from Beijing to Varna in order to provide the international delegates impressions of Varna and its sports facilities. The assembly will take place in the Grand Hotel Varna, September 23. - 30. 2012. In the meantime the official invitation for all member unions has been sent out by the General Secretariat.

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3. CSIT World Sports Games: St. Constantine & Helena Resort, Varna: 2.-9. Juni 2013


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