First International MAMANET Tournament in Spain

First International MAMANET Tournament in Spain

Almost 200 players from the Mamanet league, the women's largest league in Israel and the third largest sports field, played the first International Mamanet tournament in Spain. The international preliminaries for the CSIT World Sport Games 2016, which will be held in Riga, Latvia.

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Players from Mamanet leagues throughout Israel and the world participated in the international games. The Israeli delegation included Mamanet players from different sectors and walks of life in Israel such as Religious, Secular, Bedouin, Muslims, Druze, new immigrants and more, representing many cities and communities in Israel.

Many international guests were invited, who represent the vision and values Mamanet believe in and lives: Blanka Naurlet (Director of Women Sports in Catalonia, Spain), Raheli Vigdorchik (6th place winner - Beijing Olymics in the gymnastic field, Deputy Chairman of the Olympic committee, lecturer of Olympic values), Hagit Peer (Chairwoman of Naamat Negev United, Hapoel representative), Loris Afara (Israeli Arabic Karate medalist in Europe, 7 times Israeli champion in Karate and an ambassador of Athena), Zohar Yael Asaf (25 years teaching experience in Flamenco, developed the "Flamenco way" method for personal growth and empowerment), Sivan Tamari Shmuel (Grew up in a foster home, representing E.D.N.M. – Home for foster families and creator of the movies "Thankful”).

During the tournament Mamanet launched the co-operation with E.D.N.M – a nonprofit organization working with public welfare services and deals with foster families in Israel. The public welfare services approached Mamanet through E.D.N.M in order to raise awareness of the subject in Israel and Mamanet has decided to turn the foster care topic into a flagship project for the next two years, together with the values accompanying this: Universal mothering and community responsibility.

In the tournament, Numero Uno from Givatayim won 3rd place, in 2nd place came Ole group, formed of players from Ramat Gan, Holon and Emek Hefer and in the 1st honorable place came SIS, formed of players from Rehovot, Hadera and Katzrin. The tournament was sponsored by Hapoel, Mei Eden, Sebocalm, Sportgum . The Production Company "La Fiesta" was responsible for producing and managing the event.

Ofra Abramovich, founder and chairwoman of Mamanet: "The international preliminariy games were the opening whistle of the champion games in Latvia next year, and we left for these games with a sense of a mission, while representing a successful feminine sports and waiving the Israeli flag in more and more countries who duplicate the model and allow this huge world transformation of  life habits and supporting sports and health values originating from the popular sports and the population."

About Mamanet

Mamanet, the mother's league in Cachiball, confederates thousands of players from about 90 towns and settlements in Israel. The league is the largest social-sport project for women in Israel. Established in 2005 as a non-profit organization and today can be found in other countries around the world: Canada, USA and some countries in Europe. Thanks to the co-operation with the center of Hapoel in Israel, the CSIT organization has recognized the league as a member and Mamanet will be taking part of the International games of CSIT in Latvia 2017, a competition placing Mamanet on the map.

During the last decade, Mamanet has successfully leveraged projects from within and without the organization and has contributed to the initiative spirit and the community in Israel.  These days, Mamanet has been chosen by the Ministry of foreign affairs to take part of rebranding Israel to the world, whilst representing the initiative side of the community in a movie distributed to all embassies in Israel and worldwide.

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