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CSIT World Sports Games in July 2019

back CSIT World Sports Games in July 2019

For the first time since 2008 CSIT moved the World Sports Games (WSG) from June to July (2nd to 7th).

The sixth edition of the CSIT WSG will take place from 2nd to 7th of July 2019 in Tortosa (Spain, Catalonia). The move to July opens up some good opportunities for CSIT. On the one hand, the public can be better integrated into the games due to the already started summer holidays, on the other hand, Catalonia is highly attractive for tourists in the summer and the number of participants in the CSIT Games could increase as well. The price level of the Games will nevertheless be the same as at the 2017 CSIT WSG in Riga. There will be a first detailed official invitation for the WSG 2019 in the second quarter of this year.