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CSIT President Molea confirmed as AICS President

back CSIT President Molea confirmed as AICS President

With an overwhelming majority of 99,54 % Bruno Molea was confirmed as President of the Italian CSIT member organisation AICS. It is the third period for Bruno Molea, who was appointed as CSIT President last October after Harald Bauers' resignation.

The XVII. AICS National Congress took place in the venerable "Salone D'Onore" in the complex of CONI, the Italian National Olympic Comité (Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano) and was according to the motto "Per un futuro senza confini!", for a future without boundaries. The event was attended also by high ranked politicians und ministers, colleagues of Bruno Molea in the Italian Parliament, as well as from the Presidents of the two other Italian CSIT member organisations, ACSI with President Antonio Vitti and Libertas with President Luigi Musacchia.

Host of this AICS convention was CONI President Giovanni Malago, also a strong supporter and expert of the national as well as international Sports for All movement. The laudation for Bruno Molea held Harald Bauer, the predecessor of Bruno Molea as CSIT President. Bauer pointed out the outstanding international engagement of Bruno Molea and stated that this event of CSIT member union AICS in the heart of the Italian sport is a very important sign for the Sports for All (Ital.: "Sport per tutti") movement.