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CSIT ExCom meets in Cyprus

back CSIT ExCom meets in Cyprus

Three months before the 5th CSIT World Sports Games (WSG) from 13th to 18th June, 2017 in Riga (Latvia) the CSIT ExCom helds a Co-ordination meeting this week in Cyprus. The President of Cyprus Sport Organization, Kleanthis Georgiades, and Panagiotis Panteli, the representative of the Ministry of Education & Sport, officially welcomed CSIT and its representatives on Thursday.

The official get together was followed by several internal meetings of the ExCom group. Main topics of the conferences on Friday are the analyses of the status for the CSIT WSG in June, registration for the WSG and the final decision on the program of championships and disciplines to be held in Riga. One big point will be the awarding of the host city for the WSG 2019.