CSIT - Doping Controll Tests at the CSIT Word Sports Games in Varna

The great kick - off is soon! Our major sports event will start on June 2nd! Please find in the following a reminding message of Sports Director Rui Campos concerning Doping - Tests at the CSIT World Sports Games in Varna / Bulgaria.


Dear Participants of the CSIT Games in Varna,

Among the various partners that CSIT has today, we can find the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) among them.

 As a signatory of this agreement, CSIT has produced a document that gives all the member Unions and other invited companies partners, a set of general and specific guidelines in order to inform and to alert all the participants in the 2013 CSIT World Sports Games (WSG) about the anti doping process.

 The mentioned guidelines are based on the main regulations of WADA, assembled on a document known as "The Code".  The CSIT Code itself mirrors all the main orientations on the WADA's Code, with the necessary changes to adapt its contents to the Workers' sports reality. This main document and all the complementary files are in the "Download Area" of this website, on the Doping Corner.

Every athlete, entered to participate in WSG, must know all the guidelines of the Code and therefore, will only be eligible to compete in the Games, after signing the "Appendix 2", giving formal proof that everyone has acknowledged its contents and agrees with them. This is also important because a number of tests are going to be done during the Games.

Another very important subject - also part of the Code - is that, if an athlete is being submitted to any treatment or even a transitory contact with any of the substances, part of the so-called "Forbidden list", they must talk to their health professional and Union in order to ask for a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) to the main body of Doping Authority in your country, to make sure that the anti-doping rules are not being broken.

In case of any of your athletes be granted a TUE in your country, it has to be communicated to main Secretariat of the Games and/or the CSIT Sports Director, before the event begins.

So, dear friends, make contact with the athletes representing your Union in the 2013 WSG and reinforce the importance of the process of doping combat, by collecting the above mentioned documents (Appendix 2 of the CSIT Anti Doping Rules), already comprehended and signed before travelling to Bulgaria, next weekend.

Let the 2013 World Sports Games be the best ever and totally clean from doping, making this competition as a real fair play one! 

Further information & documents: "CSIT Anit Doping Corner"!

Looking forward to seeing you in Varna!

Rui Campos
CSIT Sportsdirector

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