CSIT at the EFPM General Assembly

CSIT at the EFPM General Assembly

CSIT was represented by Vice President Anu Rajajärvi

The European Fair Play Movement EFPM held its 28th General Assembly on June 1 at the Parliament of the Walloon-Brussels Federation in Brussels. It was the first time that the new EFPM President Philippe Housiaux chaired the Assembly after moving the headquarters from Vienna to the heart of Europe, Brussels.

The General Assembly began with speeches by some distinguished guests. Special "Joyful Entrances" included, for example, the President of the European Olympic Committee, Spyros Caparalos (online), and also Anne D'leteren, Honorary President of the Belgian Paralympic Committee.

CSIT Green Card also for EFPM
During the discussion about the new strategies of the EFPM, the future increased use of the Green Card as an award for special fair play was also discussed. The Green Card is an initiative and invention of the CSIT, which was used for the first time at the CSIT World Sports Games 2015 in Lignano and was very positively evaluated by all participants. In the future, EFPM should also be able to participate in EU Erasmus projects to further raise the profile of Fair Play at national level.

Sports players represent the largest structured and organized community in the world. The practice of sport is therefore an excellent tool to support and promote ethical values in our society today. Fair play and Olympic values stand in contrast to the dark currents of racism and xenophobia, social exclusion, hate speech, nationalism and warmongering, President Housiaux stressed in his opening speech.

Co-operation between CSIT and EFPM
For CSIT, Vice President Anu Rajajärvi participated in the General Assembly, sending greetings to the General Assembly and emphasizing the extremely fruitful cooperation between CSIT and EFPM. 
During the board meeting in Tampere 2009 a joint venture declaration between CSIT and the European Fair Play Movement (EFPM) was signed. The aim is to contribute to peace and understanding by the promotion of Fair Play in sports. Both international organisations have declared a joint venture in matters of sports, tolerance and fair-play.

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