CSIT - Platform for EU projects

CSIT - Platform for EU projects

The CSIT or its European member unions have the possibility to apply for subventions for different projects at the European Union. Project - partners as CSIT member unions or cooperation partners can be found within our international network. The CSIT office is at your disposal to support your partnership search. 

Next application deadline is May 15th and at this stage some interesting EU-applications are prepared and will be filed in the European Commission in time; amongst other things actual topics are e.g. the prevention and educational approaches to tackle violence, racism and intolerance or the support of fair play-based sports with the goal to promote ethics in sports.

For further information please contact CSIT Vice-President Sirpa Paatero or EU-specialist Valeria Gherardini valeria.gherardini@pragmata.eu.

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