Crans Montana Forum

Crans Montana Forum

General Secretary Wolfgang Burghardt represented the CSIT at the 27th Crans Montana Forum in Vienna. This extraordinary platform aims for building a more Humane and Impartial World “Committed to a more Humane and Impartial World” and encourages international cooperation and overall growth. It also works to promote best practices and to ensure a permanent dialogue between all those who handle high-level responsibilities.

A round table attended by high-caliber speakers as Honorary Chairman and Founder Jean-Paul Carteron, UNESCO Director for Ethics, Youth and Sport Angela Melo or President of the Summer Olympic International Federations Ricci Bitti discussed about the issue “Ethics and Sport values at glance of Sport integrity and Governance Public authorities and Sport movements”:
Accountability and articulation in addressing Sport Integrity and Governance
Institutional approach of Sport integrity and Governance
Determining modalities and mechanism for implementation
The necessary Transparency of all Sport related bodies

For General Secretary Burghardt (picture: Michaël Duc, International Sports Attorney, Founder Jean-Paul Carteron with Mr. Burghardt) came the unique opportunity for networking and representing CSIT on an extraordinary platform.

More info: http://www.cmf.ch/

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