Close cooperation between AiCS and UCEC

Close cooperation between AiCS and UCEC

The CSIT network connects and promotes cooperation between its member associations

CSIT's Italian member association AiCS and CSIT's Catalan partner UCEC signed a far-reaching Memorandum of Understanding during the "#AiCS60 cruise of AiCS" in Tarragona (Catalonia). The focus is on the training of managers and sports stakeholders through the exchange of competences, mutual support and the understanding of sport as an exceptional tool for social cohesion and public health. The declaration is the beginning of an intensive cooperation between AiCS and UCEC in the coming years.

The protocol was signed on 14 October by AiCS President Bruno Molea and UCEC President Jaume Domingo at the Tarragona Forum, where the #AiCS60 cruise stopped. The protocol provides for building and pushing the exchange of expertise between the two organisations and finding and exploiting synergies.

The focus is on:
- joint training and advisory projects
- mutual hosting of amateur athletes at their respective national events
- exchange and participation of young people in AiCS and UCEC sport and culture camps
- joint international planning and participation in EU-funded projects
- Feasibility study for the implementation of sports promotion events in the Mediterranean region
- Establishment of permanent joint training centres for environmental education
- Interaction between sport, science and positive motivation in relation to the environment.

All together, these are important objectives that are not limited to a pact between the presidents and the national directorates, but also to the promotion of the same by their members and partners in building a network of positive actions. It aims at sharing, growing and promoting sport together as a tool for personal, social and community well-being.

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