Brand new Video - Fireball Xtreme Challenge 2019

Brand new Video - Fireball Xtreme Challenge 2019

The CSIT Partner FXC Fireball Championships were held in Mexico last November

Fireball Xtreme is not only a partner of CSIT. CSIT also took over the TV patronage for the last FXC Championships in Veracruz, Mexico in November 2019. The championships were held in cooperation with the two CSIT partner organizations AICS Italy International and INDET Mexico. Due to the patronage CSIT with its logo was presenting producer of the event, both at the opening ceremony and during the whole event.

154 athletes met in Boca del Rio for the 2019 International FXC Championships. To win the title, the best teams had to complete five high-octane and action-packed games for up to five hours. Their 6-month training was put to a hard test. Immerse yourself in the world of FXC and enjoy the video of the 2019 FXC Championships!

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