Ali Kareem Hussein Al-Sudani is the new president of the ICSF / Iraq

Ali Kareem Hussein Al-Sudani is the new president of the ICSF / Iraq

The Central Iraqi Workers Sports Federation (ICSF) has elected a new president.

Ali Kareem Hussein Al-Sudani has been elected as the new president of the Iraqi Workers Sports Federation (ICSF). His vision is to work on expanding the sports in the federation to include all Olympic and non-Olympic sports, as well as to find investment resources to help spread and practice workplace sports, and to encourage sports companies to participate in Arab, Asian and international sports meetings and courses such as within CSIT.

His vision for CSIT

ICSF is working to encourage all Arab and Asian countries and sports organizations interested in workers sports to join CSIT and also to find sponsors to participate in CSIT games as well as international events. One of the goals is also to develop certified sports training as well as train coaches and give them appropriate certificates for a fee.

Ali Kareem Hussein Al-Sudani was born in Baghdad in 1960. His sports career began in 1973 as a football player for several Iraqi clubs as well as for the sports teams of companies and institutions. After his active career, he turned to administrative work and became an active member in the General Assembly of the Companies' Sports Association, heading the Sports Committee in the General Company for Battery Industry. He was a member of the Companies' Federation since 2011, Vice President in 2015, Secretary in 2019 and President of ICSF since 2021.

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