AICS Dance Cup Championships in Italy

AICS Dance Cup Championships in Italy

160 dance couples participated in the first round of the AiCS Italian Dance Cup

It was a pleasant and colorful sight that the 160 dance couples offered in the 1st round of the AiCS Italian Cup of sports dancers on the track of the Palasport of Forlì. Pleasant also because the event could still be held on March 7, before the area of Forli is locked down because of Covid-19 and sports competitions organized by sports promotion bodies such as AiCS are temporarily banned again from March 8.

However, on the eve of the lockdown, AiCS proved that despite the current bleak situation, it is possible and the federation is capable of organizing and handling competitions in a courageous, determined and safe manner. CSIT and AICS President Bruno Molea personally attended the award ceremony.

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