AFWSI - Kick Boxing - Self Defense

AFWSI - Kick Boxing - Self Defense

CSIT member organization AFWSI held its first event under the patronage of CSIT.

The first international Workers and Amateurs Open World Martial Championships under the patronage of CSIT held in Teheran was a unique event with not only the support of CSIT but as well as the Iranian Ministry of Youth and Sport, with the cooperation of National Olympic Committee and Federation of Amateur Workers Sports of Iran (AFWSI).

CSIT President Bruno Molea unfortunately could not take part at the Championships due to the CSIT Excom meeting at the same time in Italy but sent some official words to the organizers: “It is a great pleasure, as President of CSIT, to patronage your unique event, and I am sure this was a successful sports festival and it will be only the first of future several editions. Therefore I am confident to be present, with you in Iran, for your next edition, or in another occasion, whenever you would invite me.”

Molea also pointed out the good cooperation with AFWSI: “We all thank you for the long and strong cooperation we have been having with you, for the participation at our World Sports Games editions and now for organising an international championship in your Country. I would like to thank personally AFWSI President Seyed Amir Hosseini for his willingness to cooperate with the CSIT family and his strong work in all our institutional appointments. We all wish to reinforce our efforts and cooperation for the future.”

Iranian Report

This first time International event was proposed by Iran to be included in the World Workers Competitions. The participating teams of this great event have requested to enter Martial Arts Sports to Workers’ World Sports Games and become a member of CSIT Confederation and include them in CSIT official disciplines, so that the member counties start planning for the Workers World Sport Games. 

In order to develop and expand Martial Arts among workers society, the proposal of holding the first edition of competitions was given by Dr. Mehdi Zolghadr, the head of Workers Martial Arts Association of Iran, to the Federation of Workers of Islamic Republic of Iran. The necessary permits for holding the competitions were acquired from CSIT and the official invitation was sent to different countries with the help of International Relation Department of AFWSI. This great and magnificent event could not be held but with the support and under supervision of the International Workers and Amateurs in Sports Confederation (CSIT) in Tehran, Iran from March 7 till 11.

These competitions were held by the presence of teams from 1. Germany, 2. Portugal, 3. Luxembourg, 4. China, 5. Australia, 6. Azerbaijan, 7. Armenia, 8. Sierra Leone, 9. Afghanistan, 10. Pakistan, 11. Iraq, 12. Lebanon, 13. Immigrant Afghans and 14. Iran and were broadcasted live from Sports Channel.

The opening ceremony was held with the presence of over 1000 fans by playing the National Holy Anthem of IRI and the parade of participating team members accompanied by playing the recorded message of the head of Confederatio. Dr. Seyed Amir Hosseini, the head of the federation of Iran's Workers Martial Arts, then explaining the terms and conditions hosting and execution of the competitions. The ceremony was closed with exciting Lion dancing, Pahlevani and Zoorkhaneh Rituals and Dragon dance with standing ovations from the fans. 

The kickboxing competitions were started on the second day in two fields: low-kick and body contact as well as the final rounds of self-defence and Cold Weapons. The guest of honors of these competitions were Dr. Rabiee, the Minister of Labour and Social Welfare; Dr. Shahnazi, the Secretary General of Olympic Committee of Iran; Mr. Rahimi, the head of Handball Federation, Mr. Sha'bani Bahar, Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports; MPs, TV personalities, coaches, champions and athletes. 

The Winners of the Games
1. Iranian National Workers Team
2. Afghanistan National Team
3. National Azerbaijan Workers Team

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