70 Years Panathlon International

70 Years Panathlon International

70 Years of Ethics in Sport - CSIT congratulates warmly

On 12th June 1951, in Venice, Mario Viali and a small group of enlightened and visionary friends, all keen on sport and peace, founded Panathlon, originally called Disnar Sport, a Venetian expression recalling friendliness through sport. Then our motto "ludis iungit" was adopted , expressing the idea that we are united by and for the benefit of sport. Panathlon developed rapidly, at first in its country of origin, then in neighbouring Switzerland and, later on, in other European countries and, since 1967, in the Americas, thus gaining a true international dimension.

While the preparations of the Club of Venice are in progress to organize a great event for that day, all Clubs are invited to celebrate the Panathlon Day that this year will have an even more significant value as it will be lived in a context, we hope, of rebirth for sport, associationism and the whole world. In this expectation we thought, hoping to do a pleasant thing, to create a "special" logo that clubs and bodies of Panathlon, will be able to insert on letterhead, e-mail messages, web sites, social media etc..A small symbol to feel all closer. 

Panathlon International

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