ICSSPE - MINEPS V: Best Case for Stakeholder Involvement

Representatives from over 125 countries including Sport and Education Ministers, researchers and experts gathered together at the Intercontinental Hotel from 28 until 30 May in Berlin, Germany. For three days discussions covered important topics in sport: the examination of the case for more public investment, the combat against match fixing and doping in sport, as well as the reinforcement of the right to access sport for all people, across all regions. On the final day of the conference, all participants committed to the Declaration of Berlin. CSIT was represented by Melanie Erasim, public relation manager of the International Workers and Amateurs in Sports Confederation.

In the past, MINEPS conferences have been a closed dialogue for governments to develop and commit to international strategy in the field of sport science and physical education.  As a progressive move, this year's conference went beyond promoting collaboration in words but to engrain it through the meeting and planning process. Opening speeches by the presidents of the International Olympic Committee, International Paralympic Committee and Special Olympics emphasised the sport movement's commitment to the conference outcomes and for the first time an Expert Forum was held prior to the plenary session to ensure that current research and best practices were heard by governments and integrated into the drafting process of the Berlin Declaration.   

To find out more about MINEPS V and the Declaration of Berlin please visit: http://mineps2013.de

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