Paralympic Award for Bruno Molea

Paralympic Award for Bruno Molea

CSIT President Bruno Molea received a high Award from the Italian Paralympic Committee

After the Golden Star for sporting merit awarded by the Italian Olympic Committee CONI seven years ago, CSIT President Bruno Molea received the same high recognition from the Italian Paralympic Committee, of which he has been a member for two years.

“This is a source of great pride for me”, Bruno Molea stated at his Speech. “Not only for the recognition of my commitment to the service of sport as an instrument of inclusion, but also for the strength, the role, the autonomy assumed in recent years by the Paralympic Committee. Thanks to Luca Pancalli's enlightened guidance, certainly, thanks to the interest aroused around the theme by the deeds of great athletes such as Alex Zanardi or Bebe Vio. Thanks to the work done by Paralympic sports promotion bodies - such as AICS - which have always worked for sports as a right for everyone, regardless of physical or attitudinal abilities. One day, barriers will fall. And much of the credit will have been given to sport: universal language of strength, commitment, cohesion.”

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