Restructuring of the Technical Commissions

Restructuring of the Technical Commissions

The CSIT Sports Commission is currently working intensively on a re-organization of the Technical Commissions (TCs) of the specific sports.

All member federations were called upon to encourage and activate young ambitious colleagues to work in the CSIT. To this end, a very comprehensive report of the Technical Commissions and the new leading experts, with a gratifyingly high proportion of women, was given in Rome by the Sport Directors Henk Bouchoms and Georges Michel, who will be reinforced in the future by Harold van Hest in this core area of the CSIT. Due to the core topic "Gender Equality", there were many applications of women, whereas the main focus is always on competence and experience, when filling vacant positions.

Currently, we are looking for a Coordinator of the Parasport TC! If you are interested in becoming the leader the department with great future potential? Then get in contact with CSITs Sports Directors via sportsdirector@csit.tv!

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