PLAYInc - A new EU project

PLAYInc - A new EU project

In mid-September, the first "physical" meeting of the new EU project PLAYInc took place in Tarragona.

PLAYInc is an EU integration project in which CSIT is again a partner. PLAYInc is about the inclusion of disabled children with non-disabled children through sports. After the corona-related travel restrictions and the previous online meetings, the Tarragona meeting was the first opportunity to see each other live and exchange ideas. Face-to-face meetings allow the group to deepen their work and combine leisure time and intense net-working. The Tarragona meeting was organized by the Spanish CSIT member organization UCEC.

Representatives from 13 organizations participated. All coaches and experts in the inclusion of disabled and non-disabled children through sport. It was a perfect opportunity to share best practices and experiences. The group of coaches, coordinated by Around Sport and AICS, worked on the analysis of the surveys that each partner had addressed to the target group of coaches and families in order to identify the needs related to sports practice.

From these analyses, the coaches identified the most important key aspects on which to base future PLAYInc activities. The goal is to promote the social inclusion of children with and without disabilities. The next step will be the design of the new PLAYInc sports activities that will be published on the PLAYInc web platform.

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