Important decisions in Rome

Important decisions in Rome

The CSIT Congress with important decisions for the coming years took place ONLINE again because of Corona

CSIT President Bruno Molea was able to welcome 33 voting representatives of the CSIT member organisations at his welcoming speech to the ONLINE Congress of the CSIT, which meant that the Congress had a quorum and some important decisions for the coming years could be taken. After the cancellation of the CSIT World Sport Games 2021 in Cervia (Italy) due to Corona, the Congress focused on the already fixed WSG 2023 in Rome and possible candidates for the upcoming Games, which will be held at the CSIT in a two-year rhythm.

The video presentation of the World Sports Games 2023 in Rome by Angelo Diario, President of the Sports Commission Rome, was promising and showed Rome as a perfect venue for major sporting events with a lot of experience and ideal sports venues as well as the necessary framework conditions for CSIT World Sports Games. A possible candidate for the WSG 2025 is Limerick in Ireland, which submitted its official candidacy at the Congress and presented the University of Limerick as venue.

CSIT has grown as a major platform

CSIT has grown over the past few years into a large global platform with many opportunities for different sports federations. Also in the disability sector, which is a big concern of CSIT President Bruno Molea. Through CSIT's large network, new organisations are constantly applying for CSIT membership. In recent years, Mamanet has become a permanent fixture in the CSIT programme and at the WSG. At the Congress in Rome, the Hungarian movement FITKID presented itself in a video as a possible new partner. This is an important movement that gives children a platform for physical activity, which is becoming more and more important as young people drift into the electronic world.

Golden Plaque of Merit

A comprehensive report of the Technical Commissions was also given by the Sport Directors Henk Bouchoms and George Michel, who will in future be supported by Harald van Hest in their very time-consuming work for the CSIT. Harald van Hest was TC Swimming of the CSIT for many years, has gathered a lot of experience and was awarded the "Golden Plaque of Merit" of the CSIT by President Bruno Molea at the Congress for his activities in the sport of swimming.

Green Games

Another major topic in Rome was the increasingly important issue of environmental sustainability at international sporting events, which GAIFS expert Rohit Ramesh explained in detail with a very informative presentation. Sustainability is also a major topic within CSIT and will play a correspondingly large role in the upcoming CSIT WSG. The sports directors also gave an overview of the CSIT Singles Championships 2022, which are of immense importance due to the cancellation of the WSG 2021 and will be supported by CSIT accordingly.

EU-funded projects of the CSIT

The congress participants were also given an overview of the past, current and upcoming EU-funded CSIT projects. BRIDGES and YOUAca were very successful and both projects were awarded as showcase projects by the EU Commission. In the coming years, more are to follow with YouLead and Play.Inc, in which the CSIT will again act as a partner with its member organisations. During the congress, CSIT also invited its members to register their interest at the head office and to apply for participation.

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