The annual CSIT Congress will be held online on 15 October 2021 due to the Corona pandemic

Corona continues to preoccupy and influence the world of sports. Many events still have to be postponed or cancelled, just as the CSIT World Sports Games 2021 in Cervia had to be cancelled without replacement. The CSIT Congress, originally planned to be open to the public, also had to be adapted and will take place online for CSIT members on 15 October. The Congress will be chaired by CSIT President Bruno Molea from Rome. Most of the CSIT ExCom members will be in Rome in person and will hold the ExCom meeting before the Congress.

The 3rd World Amateur Sports Forum - the public part of the Congress - will be moved to 2022. "Sports Impacts All" has become an important part of the CSIT Congress and will be maintained in this form as an important platform for personal exchange with participants and guests, for getting to know each other and for networking, which unfortunately is not possible online in the usual form. The CSIT ExCom has made a clear decision in this regard and wants to expand the World Amateur Sports Forum "Sports Impacts All" even further in the future.

Important topics

The Congress is the major communication platform of the CSIT ExCom to the CSIT members and serves to transport important topics and as a discussion platform for the exchange of members with the ExCom. CSIT President Bruno Molea will give the opening speech, including a comprehensive report on the turbulent year 2021 and an outlook for 2022. The ExCom will present CSIT's new EU projects, Sports for Elderly people, Youth and Young Leaders in CSIT and inform about the new CSIT members. There will also be the honouring of retiring members of the Technical Commissions with the "Plaque of Merit".

Numerous presentations

- Environmental Sustainability in Sport by GAIFS expert Rohit Ramesh
- Presentation of the CSIT World Sports Games 2023 in Rome
- Presentation of the candidates for the CSIT World Sports Games 2025
- New collaborations such as with International Fit Kid Division (FitKid)
- Reports of the CSIT Ambassadors from Asia, America and Africa

TC Assembly ONLINE - Generation Change

On the day before the CSIT Congress, the Assembly of the CSIT Technical Commissions will take place with a focus on generational change. The Technical Commissions are currently under reconstruction. Some TC members will retire in the coming months due to age and are to be replaced by young ambitious colleagues. The process is to be a gradual and smooth one in which the young newcomers are systematically introduced to the material by the established older colleagues and conscientiously hand over the important know-how they have accumulated over the years to the new generation. Interested members are invited to contact office@csit.tv and CSIT General Manager Wolfgang Burghardt to join the CSIT.

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