Sport, Peace and development

A Festschrift Book in Honour of 100 years of CSIT
(International Workers and Amateurs in Sport Confederation)


Content (164 pages): English and French editions

  1. Introduction - Prof. Kalevi Olin (Finland)
  2. Sport as a social phenomenon - beyond the boundaries - Prof. Joe Maguire (UK)
  3. Sport and peace - Prof. Bruce Kidd (Canada)
  4. Conflict and diversity, is there role for sport? - Prof. Marion Keim (South Africa)
  5. Workers sport as a mass movement, sociological outline - Prof. Nicola Porro (Italy)
  6. View to the history of International Workers Sports Confederation (CSIT) - Prof. Seppo Hentila (Finland)
  7. Revisit to structures and functions of the CSIT, a 20 years follow-up study - Prof. Kalevi Olin (Finland)
  8. Is the woman the future of sport? France as an illuminative example - Emmanuelle Bonnet Oulaljd (France)
  9. International sports collaboration and future partnerships - CSIT President Harald Bauer (Austria)

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