New YOULead EU project - Everything is ready!

New YOULead EU project - Everything is ready!

The education project to build a new generation of Young Leaders has been selected by the EU for the third consecutive year under the Erasmus+ Sport Program

The new EU project is named YOULead: improving skills in the field of grassroot sport in young people. The good news is that the Young Leaders family is getting bigger. This edition will see the addition of a new CSIT member organisation, ASKÖ Austria, joining AiCS (Italy), HLA (Croatia), KALEV (Estonia), TUL (Finland) and UCEC (Catalunya).

Each organisation will involve seven young leaders at national level who will work on a new concept of International Grassroots Sport Camps. This will be possible according to the two methodological pillars coming from the former YOUAca projects: intergenerational dialogue and learning by doing.

In total, 24 Young Leaders and seven CSIT Senior Leaders will work together on an international level. This will make it possible to put the activities designed in an internship module into practice during the AiCS International Youth Sport Camp in Ostia. Anu Rajajarvi, CSIT Youth Policy Coordinator and CSIT Project Manager Cosimo Renzi recently met the coordinators of the partner organisations.

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