CSIT EU projects Bridges and YOUAca

CSIT EU projects Bridges and YOUAca

Since the beginning of the year, CSIT has been involved in two EU projects co-financed by the European Union.

These are two important issues that are currently the subject of much public debate. One concerns the social cohesion of refugees in society through co-designed activities in the field of sport, culture and volunteering and is running in the CSIT under the name BRIDGES. Mid of September there will be the second meeting in Spain, in which CSIT will bring in its expertise in sport and public communication. 

The second project is called YOUAca. A project in which CSIT is leader and which is a major concern of CSIT President Bruno Molea with the goal to ensure management talents for CSIT’s future.The development of sports management skills in the field of grassroots sport for young people and young adults. The project now reaches the "learning by doing phase": young participants are asked to design project proposals through dialogue with their leaders. The outputs will be discussed at the next YOUAca meeting in Rome in order to present them during the CSIT congress in October. All information on the official YOUAca website


04/09/19 06:57