New EU Erasmus+ Project started

New EU Erasmus+ Project started

With an Kick Off meetting last Friday the Erasmus+ EU Project "Sport for all Genders & Sexualities - Tackling Sexism, Trans- and Homophobia in European Grassroots Sport" (SGS) finally started.

This April saw the launch of one of the largest EU-funded projects with CSIT participation to date. SGS is a true pioneering project and aims to improve LGBTQIA+ acceptance in European grassroots sports federations, eliminate fears and concerns and create inclusive federations.
Together with partners from Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Austria, the mission is to achieve these goals by September 2024.

The vision of the project is to create an inclusive and open-minded sports culture that is open to all genders and sexualities. Even in the advanced 21st century, European sport is still dominated by antiquated notions of masculinity and pejorative notions of femininity, as well as the strict division into "men" and "women". This dominant binary and masculine narrative in sport inevitably contributes to the discrimination and exclusion of women and girls (sexism), transgender people (transphobia), lesbians and gay men (homophobia) and all those who cannot or do not want to be categorised into one gender identity.

The overall aim of the project is to promote the inclusion and participation of all genders and sexualities in European grassroots sport. This requires an understanding of how athletes are still excluded from sport due to the prevailing binary gender norm. Together with relevant stakeholders from organised grassroots sport, SGS develops measures and methods (institutionalised dialogue, guidelines, awareness-raising campaigns and inclusive trainings) to eliminate these discriminations and break down barriers for transgender athletes, LGB persons and women.

Find more information and regular updates about SGS here!

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