BRIDGES - Teenagers clean up the city beach

BRIDGES - Teenagers clean up the city beach

The youth group BRIDGES from Thessaloniki organized in October a voluntary action to clean up the beach of Aretsou.

The teens were supported by trainers and volunteers from the NGOs ANTIGONE and ARSIS. Young participants and unaccompanied refugees and migrants from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Roma from the Dendropotamos area and Greek youth from the western part of the city, where the poorest neighborhoods are located. In their BRIDGES activities, they decided to join forces, to go beyond the narrow boundaries of their own area and become active in an area in the eastern part of the city. As the young people very rightly pointed out, there is no such thing as western or eastern Thessaloniki, because the city is a unity and belongs to all of us.

At the beginning of the activity, the ANTIGONE trainers coordinated an environmental awareness game in order to link the whole voluntary event to a horizontal sustainable lifestyle that must be adopted by all. The young people divided into groups of three and cleaned the beach of plastic and other light garbage.

The first idea was to invite the local youth and the local authorities, NGOs etc. to participate in the event. However, due to the pandemic measures, only some representatives of the local municipality of Kalamaria could come and meet the teenagers. In fact, the Deputy Mayor for Cleaning, Green and Recycling of the Municipality of Kalamaria, Mr. Stylianos Matsaridis, visited the BRIDGES team, discussed with the participants, informed himself about the project and expressed his ideas for further activities also with local teenagers!

At the end of the day the participants enjoyed the result of their voluntary action, the beauty of the clean beach. It was a great experience for them to take care of the city and its nature together, make friends and "build bridges".

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